16 Pocahontas & Living by the Holy Spirit

Blurb of “Pocahontas & Living by the Holy Spirit”

What does yielding to the Holy Spirit look and feel like? This episode we follow Pocahontas, whose relationship with the Wind and the River provide wonderful reflections on the Spirit in our own lives! Veni Sancte Spiritus!


“What is abundantly clear from the promise of both Jesus and the witness of the Acts of the Apostles is that the Holy Spirit is central to the life of a Christian. The Holy Spirit is the way Jesus continues to be present with us, and to be baptised Christian is to be plunged into the very life of the Spirit – both within our hearts and in our actions! He leads us, teaches us, convicts us of sin, brings us into relationship with others. Indeed the Spirit enables us to do the very works of Jesus – greater works – if we have the faith to ask for it! So to begin to give us a sense of what this might look and feel like, I thought I’d borrow Pocahontas. Because, this story features her relationship with both the Wind character and the River, both of which are biblical images of the Holy Spirit. And like the Spirit, they are subtle enough to miss if you’re not looking. But from the start, P lives very attentive to the Wind, and like the Spirit being breathed into Adam’s nostrils in Genesis, she almost seems to breathe it in, drawing her life from it and allowing herself to be immersed in it.”  

Daily Examen (Practical Pilgrim exercise)

Click here to download a PDF version of the Daily Examen. As the name suggests, this prayer is designed to be prayed daily. If you’re too tired at the end of the day to do it, I often find reflecting over the previous day the next morning suits me too!

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