10 Entering Narnia with Plato & St Therese of Lisieux

Narnia with Plato and St Therese Myth Pilgrim

Blurb of “Narnia, Plato and St Therese of Lisieux”

Enter Narnia!! This episode, we do philosophy with Plato and theology with St Therese of Lisieux. We will explore the ideas of truth, reality, and why Jesus insists that only children can enter the Kingdom of Heaven … and Narnia!

Excerpt from “Narnia, Plato and St Therese of Lisieux”

“Today is our first venture into one of the greatest series of children’s books of all time – C.S. Lewis’ the Chronicles of Narnia. Now there could be an entire podcast series just on Narnia; so rich is it Christian symbolism, and so insightful is the mind of C.S. Lewis. So many Christian themes all the way from creation, the Fall, redemption, sin, Kingdom of God, salvation, truth, judgement etc. are all represented within the pages of this 7 part series. So what I plan to on the Myth Pilgrim is to gradually chip away at the series a theme at a time, or even a section of a theme at a time. Today we’ll explore the theme of spiritual childhood, by wrestling with one simple question: why is it that out of the four Pevensie children it was Lucy the youngest child who discovers the wardrobe into Narnia? And why does it always seem to be Lucy who first notices Aslan – the great Christ like Lion – before any of the older children? With the help of Plato and St Therese, we will illuminate the question posed in our introduction: why Jesus insists that we become like little children. You ready?”


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