09 The Ugly Duckling & the healing of shame (with Fr Dave Tremble)

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Blurb for “The Ugly Duckling & the healing of shame”

In this special release episode, guest speaker Fr Dave Tremble MGL weaves together The Ugly Duckling, the Passion of Jesus, and his own story. Locate your own story within the Suffering Servant’s, and explore the topic of shame under a new gaze.

Resources for “The Ugly Duckling & the healing of shame”

Here is a link to the original tale of “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Anderson

Here are the recommended books by Dr Brene Brown

Excerpt: “In her bestselling book The Gifts of Imperfection, Dr Brene Brown describes shame as always involving a social context. Shame is not just as one of many bad feelings we have, but the feeling of being unworthy of belonging, of other people. Shame isolates us from community. Now this is bad enough when it’s just between people, but even worse when shame isolates us from God … making us feel unworthy of him. Okay so that’s the bad news! What’s the good news? Well… the good news, or the bearers of good news today will be our guest speaker, one Fr Dave Tremble ably assisted by a little duckling” 

1 thought on “09 The Ugly Duckling & the healing of shame (with Fr Dave Tremble)”

  1. Email for Fr Dave Tremble.
    Dear Fr Tremble
    I pray and hope that you are keeping well.
    I would love to be able to speak with you regarding our present situations in Australia.
    May God’s blessing be with you always.
    With love and prayers
    Mary Sulikowski

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