99 Harry Potter & the 4 Cardinal Virtues

harry potter virtue


The four cardinal virtues (Prudence, Temperence, Fortitude and Justice) are as important as they are forgotten. Follow Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Hermione and Snape as they illustrate each virtue in the Harry Potter saga. 

Excerpt from episode:

“… I particularly wanted to emphasize today the importance of free will in the exercising of virtue. There’s a famous line that Professor Dumbledore says to Harry: “it is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices” (repeat). This is a profound line to break open today, for it flies against the idea that some people are ‘better’ off than others due to their natural abilities, such as natural talents, good looks, health, wealth etc. Indeed, abilities says nothing about a person’s character. From God’s eyes, the only thing that matter is how we have chosen to live our lives –how we use our free will. This creates a level playing field in the spiritual life – because it’s now entirely possible for a man born a prince to make terrible choices and be lost, and conversely, for a man born a pauper to make good choices and be saved. And if the gospel has anything to proclaim, grace seems to favour the latter.”