96 Our Lady of Fatima’s extraordinary relevance



St John Paul II said that “The message of Fatima is more relevant now than ever in the history of mankind.” Hear the amazing story behind Mary’s appearance in 1917, and learn how prophecy, seers and cosmic battles play out across the real pages of history. 

Excerpt from episode

Well, Our Lady of Fatima today is no less significant for western civilisation, and like Guadalupe, the graces continue to play out today on every level – spiritually, socially, and politically. As sister Lucia – the last of the Fatima seers – famously prophesied: “the final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will be on marriage and the family.” … which is exactly what we see playing out before our eyes in the West. It is with hopeful eyes then, that we turn to our Lady, asking for her intercession as we journey through this episode.