93 Strategies of Temptation (The Screwtape Letters)



How does the devil tempt us, and how gullible are we to his tactics? C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters is a creative exploration of the subtle art of temptation. This episode, learn the arsenal the devil uses against newly converted Christians! (Letter II from the book)

Excerpt from episode:

“… the second tactic is for Wormwood to deceive the man into trying to return to the same fervour he had during his initial conversion. This is a classic move of the enemy, and erodes us less through temptation and more through discouragement. While it is common to experience great spiritual consolation when we first give our lives to Christ … our real maturing comes when we also engage our wills in following him daily. Anyone can feel God’s presence while on a retreat or a pilgrimage, but we simply cannot relying on our emotions to carry us forward. We must choose to engage the will also – a discipline that is also true for human relationships too. See, the highest faculty God gives us mortals is our free will, and so, we must remember that any experience of dryness provides an opportunity to flower our free wills. Rather than dryness being an obstacle to faith then, it is actually a springboard that propels us into greater heights and depths of faith. We would do well to remember this!”