Easter episode: The Queen’s Last Dream (original story)

queen's last dream


Plunge into the Easter Triduum this year with a lonely queen! This original story of mine illustrates how death and resurrection forms the rhythm of Christian life, and how St Therese of Lisieux’s spirituality can inspire us this Easter! 

Excerpt from the story:

“Once, there lived a bitter and resentful old queen who ruled over a vast kingdom. The queen hadn’t always been this way, but years of hardships had hardened her heart and she had closed herself off from the people she ruled. As such, she was a lonely woman. One winter’s night, she looked up at the stars and cried: “what a terrible person I’ve become,” she lamented. “How I wish but I could change my ways … but I fear now it is too late”. And the queen wept.

That night, the queen suddenly fell quite ill. As she lay in bed, she started having a strange dream where she was running through a forest holding a key in her hand. Suddenly in a clearing just ahead of her, she saw a strange sight. There, floating mysteriously in mid-air, was a single keyhole. As the queen looked on, a beautiful melody came forth from the keyhole itself. It was the most beautiful music she had ever heard, and the tune awakened in her a deep longing for home. She felt as if she had heard the melody before, from a place long ago, in her faded memory. Tears filled her eyes, as the melody enveloped her, calling her. “I must find out where this sweet melody is coming from,” thought the queen. She looked down at the key in her hand. “This must be the answer…”

Soundtrack credits: Main theme and covers from Final Fantasy (Nobuo Uematsu), Nayru’s theme from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (Minako Adachi Kiyohiro Sada)