91 Rogue One, Christian Sacrifice & Eternity

Rogue one sacrifice christian


This episode is a meditation on gratitude. The much acclaimed Star Wars: Rogue One offers us an opportunity to reflect upon all the thankless people in our lives, people who have made you, you! What impact will your sacrifices make, upon generations to come?

Excerpt from the episode

“We reflect now upon the countless sacrifices that have taken place to allow you to be alive today. One of the most moving things about Rouge One is that the Luke Skywalkers and Han Solos and Princess Leias actually owes their lives to the slain heroes of Rogue One – yet they never knew them by name, and for a long time, neither did we the audience. But the fact of the matter is, to enable you to be alive today, many nameless people have sacrificed much…. people perhaps that will only be revealed in eternity. For one, consider how many saints and martyrs down the ages have shed their blood to enable the faith to be passed peacefully onto us today – consider how many hidden consecrated men and women and nuns and monks are praying for sinners like you and I right now. Factoring in how destructive sin is, it’s a quite the miracle the world hasn’t destroyed itself ten times over, and I am convinced that it is the hidden prayers of the humble–their fasts and penances and prayers–that keep the world alive. On a less meta level, consider the many sacrifices your own parents and grandparents have made, who very likely had much more difficult lives than we did–contending with the pains of migration, poverty, war and sickness. We often dwell on where our parents may have failed us, but have you also dwelled on how much they’ve sacrificed to raise you? …”