90 Aragorn & the Four Cardinal Virtues

aragorn christian virtue


The four cardinal virtues (Prudence, Temperence, Fortitude and Justice) are as important as they are forgotten. Follow St Thomas Aquinas and Aragorn as they offer examples of each virtue from The Lord of the Rings.

Excerpt from episode:

“An example of Aragorn’s prudence takes place shortly after Gandalf the grey is apparently slain by the Balrog inside the mines of Moria. Naturally, the fellowship are in grief and shock, unable to think rationally. After Gandalf’s fall, they are immediately ambushed by orcs and are in immediate peril. Checking his own emotions, Aragorn realises that he must now take on the role of leader and to lead the fellowship onwards. While the pastoral thing to do would be to give the fellowship time to grieve and process the loss of their mentor, the prudent thing to do would be to get up and flee the orcs while they still could. Here is the relevant scene that captures this in the movie adaptation…”

All soundtracks from this episode are covers from the OST of The Lord of the Rings trilogy (composed by Howard Shore)