89 Tangled, Rapunzel and seeing the Light

christianity tangled


Tangled presents us a chance to explore St John Paul II’s Theology of the Body! Explore his profound teaching on love, lust and eros alongside Rapunzel, Mother Gothel & Flynn. Let’s follow the light!

Excerpt from episode

“I love the fact that the floating lanterns are released every year on Rapunzel’s birthday, because the church actually recognises that baptism is our true birthday, for on that day we are born into the kingdom of God. So there’s a big baptism detail already.  Then there’s the thousands of light floating off and illuminating the night! Recall that baptisms traditionally take place at the Easter vigil, a ceremony which begins in pure darkness, until the first light is lit by the priest – the pascal candle, from which other candles are lit one by one, slowly spreading until the entire church is filled with light. This is totally like the lantern scene – which are lit by the king and queen first, which becomes the cue for others to light theirs and release into the night. Like the candles at the vigil, these lanterns are ultimately a sign of hope, hope that one day their lost princess would return home. In the same way, the Easter vigil candles symbolises the hope won by Christ on the cross, that we too, if we follow the light, may one day come home … “

Soundtrack credits: artistic covers from the Tangled OST (Alan Menken): I see the Light (SamYungOfficial), Kingdom Dance Tavern version (Colm R. McGuinness).