88 The Neverending Story’s Neverending Wisdom



We can only access our inner worlds symbolically, and our myths and fairytales have always helped us do this. Explore how Atreyu’s journey mirrors Bastian’s real-world experiences, revealing how the real hero’s journey lies within.

Excerpt from episode:

“Remember friends, that all the fantastic imagery found in fairytales like Neverending Story such as dragons, dark forests, hidden treasure, demonic wolves, abducted princesses are symbols for happenings within us… this is what makes the film so rewatchable. Just as Atreyu’s journey is really the inner journey of Bastian, when we watch our favourite myths and fairytales, try and identify the character’s journeys going on within you. Especially if you’re finding a particular story rewatchable over and over. As a personal example, I recognised that one of the reasons The Lord of the Rings was and is so rewatchable for me is because I deeply identify with the hobbit’s love for comfort and security in the shire, and yet I feel the tension of being called out of it to play my part in a bigger story, one that would involve me leaving my place of safety. This tension is present not just in the hobbits throughout Lord of the Rings but like in all the main characters. By paying attention to Tolkien’s symbolic depiction of my inner world, I was able to find inspiration to act differently in the outer world… “

Soundtrack credits: tracks are borrowed from the OST of The Neverending Story (by Klaus Doldinger)