86 The Last Samurai: On Discipline & Building Habits

samurai discipline


Among many things, The Last Samurai exhibits the beauty of a disciplined life and spirit. Follow the traumatised Captain Algren as he is recieved into the Samurai village and undergoes spiritual awakening. 

Excerpt from episode:

“… on the flipside, a positive environment is conducive to virtuous living. I’m quite convince that one of the reasons that the minimalist movement is taking off so much is precisely because minimalist living actually is conducive to a less cluttered, anxious and compulsive mind. By having less distractions, we are able to focus our attention and energy to the task at hand, and to do that task at hand well. We become mindful. This is what Captain Algren observes in the Japanese villagers as he walks around – for them it was all or nothing, and it was always total. This focus should already be inspiring for us on a spiritual level, because single minded focus is also the path towards wholeness… the directing of all our energy towards the one goal – God, and his will for our lives… “

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