80 Snow White: On Jealousy & Freedom from it

snow white christian


This most classic of fairytales is not only profoundly Christian in it’s story and symbols, it offers us a reflection on jealousy, and a way out of it.

Excerpt from the episode

… “Snow White represents a type of Eve, who is lowly and yet incredibly beautiful in the eyes of God – woman as depicted in Genesis is the pinnacle of God’s creation, and its crowning beauty. Amen! Like Eve, Snow White is the mother of all living things (which is what the name Eve means), and has a close connection with all the animals in her kingdom. Satan, however, is jealous of all this privilege, and so sets out to destroy Eve and her offspring once and for all. But he doesn’t really succeed. In the tale, this is like the queen, whose plans with the hunter and poison apple don’t really succeed in destroying Snow White. But the queen does drive her out of her original home, as Satan did with Eve where she and Adam were exiled and had to fend, toil and work off the land. This is where the symbols of the dwarves come in. These little men work in the mines, toiling and hacking away at the land through the sweat of their brow. Significantly dwarves are also small and humble and honest, living close to the earth, a detail we’ll touch on later … “