76 Braveheart: Love, Death & the Masculine Soul (ft. Br James Price MGL)

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Braveheart has always captured the hearts of men, but how does it capture the heart of Christ? Br James Price explores how William Wallace’s passionate heart reveals Jesus’ heart for his bride. Rediscover Christ as the archetype of manhood!

Excerpt from the episode

“… what William Wallace tells us and what he says to Robert de Bruce is: “All men die, few really live”. If we as men can look to eth cross and square with the reality of our death and the inevitably of it, and then seek something that transcends death, living for a purpose that’s bigger than ourselves, ultimately that will help us reclaim a sense of our masculinity. For the heart of masculine vocation is that call to sacrifice for something greater than oneself…”

All soundtracks used this episode are borrowed from, or covers of, the Braveheart OST (James Horner)