73 The Hunger Games: On Ritual Sacrifice & Jesus

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Why did so many ancient civilisations offer sacrifice? How did Jesus’ sacrifice overthrow the the Jewish Temple? Discover the parallels between Katniss Everdeen overthrowing the Hunger Games, and the mission of Christ!

Excerpt from episode

“… And so, for 73 years, countless young tributes were sacrificed for this false sense of order. Then, comes Katniss Everdeen, who through love of her sister and friends, breaks the whole system and exposes the inhumane sham of the sacrificial ritual. When Katniss refused to play by the game-makers rules, and threatened to leave the Hunger Games without a winner, the effect upon the Capitol was the equivalent to Jesus cleansing the temple… and the ripple effect of the scandal was about the same too. As you remember, the Capitol’s response was swift – Snow pretty much sentences his game maker to death, peacekeepers turn into stormtroopers, hospitals are firebombed and district 12 is obliterated. Why such a harsh reaction though? Why such a drastic, over the top response?

We know today that the single event that most enraged the Jewish authorities to want to kill Jesus wasn’t his healing on the sabbath, his forgiveness of sins, or his eating with tax collectors. It was Jesus’ storming of the Temple that enraged the authorities most … for this was a direct defiance upon the sacrificial ritual of the Jews…”

Soundtrack used this episode were taken from The Hunger Games OST (James Newton Howard) & Beautiful Israel & Music (John Farr)