72 Sleeping Beauty & the Slumber of Sin (ft. Sr Rosie Drum)

sleeping beauty christian


Despite popular opinion, Sleeping Beauty is NOT about a helpless female waiting for the strong man to rescue her. Rather, this classical tale reaches into the reality of the Fall and the subsequent redemption of Christ. Allow Sr Rosie Drum to baptise this tale into the heart of the Gospel!

Excerpt from episode

“… from that perspective, all of us are Snow White, or Briar Rose, or Sleeping Beauty. All of us are incapable of moving beyond sin and evil that has trapped us into a coma. And those of us that are awake to the human struggle … we know how hard it is to shake off particular sinful habits we’ve gotten into, or what trauma has done to us. In all of this, we can experience a helplessness, or powerlessness to be able to save ourselves. Which is right at the very crux of what Christianity is about: humanity can’t save ourselves, we cannot saves ourselves, we need a saviour, a human saviour… ”