68 Catholicism, Art & why “Beauty will save the World”

catholic art beauty

What does beauty do to the soul? Why are artists called to be champions of the new evangelisation? In this special episode, I interview Damien Walker, Catholic artist and art restorer, whose message for the church is prophetic!

Additional resources to podcast

Check out Damien’s Art Studio: The Studio of St Philomena and Facebook page
Here is the image and details on Our Lady of New Zealand: Te Ara a Maria
A link also to St John Paul II’s Letter to Artists 

Soundtrack credits for this episode: The Great Secret (Cinderella OST, Patrick Doyle), Immaculate Mary (Organ by Chris Oelkers), Fear of the Heavens (Secret of Mana, cover by Rebecca E Tripp) Salve Regina (Keys of Peace), Sogno de Volare (composed Christopher Tin)