63 Lord of the Rings: The weapons of humour and innocence (ft. Danny Cote Davis)

bombadil Christian adam

Who is the greatest warrior against Sauron? Guest Danny Davis explores how two forgotten characters—Tom Bombadil and Goldberry—teaches us about the weapons of innocence and humour.

Excerpt from episode

“… The theme of this episode was actually inspired by two very beloved characters in the Lord of the Rings that many fans do not even know about, because they were tragically cut from the Peter Jackson movies! Who are they, and why are they worthy of our attention. Well, Danny has co-authored a book which explores these questions. Today, I’ll share some snippets of a long interview I did with Danny about his book, with a particular focus on what wisdom Tolkien has to offer us about spiritual warfare, particularly the weapons of childlike innocence, and humour… “

Danny’s Book

“Guests, Hosts and the Holy Ghost: Who Tolkien’s Tom Bombadil and Goldberry are and why it really matters”

Here is an Amazon link to the book, with a foreword from Joseph Pearce!