60 Chinese Philosophy & Holiness #3: Fable of Farmer’s Horse

horse chinese fable farmer christian

How do we navigate times of misfortune and suffering? Allow the wisdom of this Chinese fable teach us Christian patience and detachment. Learn how “Acting without forcefulness” helps us surrender to Divine Providence.

Short excerpt from the episode

“… the intention of this episode is the same as the Kung Fu Panda and Shang Chi episodes: to draw upon the wisdom of Chinese philosophy, in order to rediscover and illuminate our own Catholic faith. Just like Greek philosophy has long given us language and concepts to communicate out theology, so too can Chinese philosophy do likewise. Today, I’ll share with you a very ancient and classical Chinese fable – about a farmer and his horse. In Chinese 賽翁失馬,怎知非福. In this Taoist fable are themes of patience and surrender and detachment, especially in the face of unjust suffering. Like most wisdom from the East, there is in fact a lot of meaning packed into a very simple story, so after reading it today, I will give a few moment’s pause, before offering a little commentary on how the story sheds light on Christian spirituality, and in a special way, one particular story from the Bible … “