43 The Matrix and Christianity

matrix christian

Blurb: don’t be deceived by the sci-fi wrappings of The Matrix – it is not only profoundly mythical in structure, but also deeply Christian. Learn how how the first movie presents the theology of salvation, the Holy Trinity, the nature of evil and spiritual blindness!

Excerpt from episode

“…Further, the first time in the Gospels Jesus meets John the Baptist (at least as grown ups), it was at his baptism in the Jordan river. Likewise, the first time Neo meets Morpheus, it is also at his equivalent baptism scene … with lots and lots of water present. First it is a thunder storming night with torrential rain. Then, when Neo takes the red pill, he literally gets reborn from the machine womb where you see him being detached from the artificial umbilical womb …he gets washed through a chute akin to the birth canal and is plunged into a pool of water, naked, before being raise back up into the light. And all this time, Trinity, the Spirit archetype is present by his side and over him. If this isn’t Catholic baptism symbolism I don’t know what is…”