40 Mercy & Redemption in Les Misérables

Les Miserables Catholic

Do you ever feel beyond redemption, or that someone is undeserving of mercy? Discover what message makes Les Miserables the longest running musical of all time, and let the journey of Jean Valjean become your own!

Excerpt from episode

“…what happens next to that criminal we don’t know, but we do know that in this famous Les Miserables bishop scene, the criminal Valjean is shown mercy and is cut to the heart. He is shaken to the core by the bishop’s small act, and his life radically turns around 180 degrees. Whatever resentful worldview he had carried around as a thief and criminal melted away under grace, and Valjean spends the rest of his life repenting of his past and unfolding the implications of the mercy he had received. Where his old life had once been defined by what he took by force, his new life became defined by what he gave freely to others…”

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