39 Are ‘Happily Ever After’ endings naive?

Christian happily ever after

Some accuse fairytales for setting up unrealistic expectations about life, love and fulfilment. What might be the Christian position on this? This episode locates fairytale endings within Jesus’ resurrection, exploring how repentance is key to unlocking happily ever after today.

Excerpt from episode

“… okay, why did I share this passage from the Silmarillion? Because it illustrates a uniquely Christian understanding of how ‘happily ever after’ works. If Melkor’s ugly melody could be likened to our sin, then Illuvitar’s final melody can be likened to Christ’s redemption, in which he takes our sinful melody and permanently transforms it into his glorious melody. In other words, the glory of Jesus’ resurrection does not simply lie in its ability to vanquish evil… any powerful god in antiquity could do that. No, the resurrection’s true glory lies in its ability to transform evil into a far greater good, a good that wasn’t even possible before the evil was committed…”