38 How to Train your Dragon and Mastering your Greatest Fear

dragon and fear

What is your greatest fear, and how would your life be different without it? “How to Train Your Dragon” is a beautiful tale about mastering one’s fear. Journey with Hiccup, unveil biblical truths about the nature of fear, and how it can be transformed into your greatest ally.

Excerpt from episode

“… There’s something really important about gazing and looking at the object of one’s fear in order to master it. I deliberately used the word “mastering” rather than “conquering” fear. This is what Hiccup had an opportunity to do with the trapped Night Fury, Toothless. Carl Jung says that “the thing you most want to find will be found in the place you least want to look…”

Here’s are two of the beautiful flying scenes, that I described:
The first flight scene
The romantic flight scene