37 Robin Hood & the Christ figure we’ve lost

jesus robin hood

Robin Hood famously ‘robbed from the rich to give to the poor’ … but so did Jesus of Nazareth! And he still does so today. How? Journey with these two infamous outlaws, and have any ‘meek and mild’ notions of Jesus challenged!

Excerpt from this episode

“Because the reality is, we dear listeners, the church-going, educated, well off ones who listen to awesome Catholic podcasts … we may well be the rich that Christ gives a message of warning. It is we from whom he may well ‘steal’ away our superficial sense of blessedness, to give to the poor. Not that there’s anything wrong of course from us attending Mass and being educated having some measure of financial stability. But if we start to think we deserve this, that God owes this sort of blessing to us, well, the Gospels and Robin Hood… have a warning to give us.”