33 Why I love The Sound of Music! (& why it’s timeless)

sound of music christian theme

Delight is the stuff of holiness!! And today, we could all do with a helping of Maria’s delight and faith. Expand your horizons again, as I testify why Sound of Music is one my favourite movies of all time!

Excerpt from episode

Blurb: “We need Maria’s faith, her outlook that carries us with wings to be fully alive again, and to see the problems of life in their proper light. The movie is full of hope, a sort of hope that doesn’t belittle our problems, but helps us look at them with a fresh perspective, helping us notice once again how good life actually is. I often equate watching Sound of Music to looking at a big sunflower when you’re feeling blue, where you’re just reminded of the beauty and joy and innocence that’s still in the world, and the God who’s presence is everywhere! You just can’t help watching this film without feeling uplifted, for it very much is a story that celebrates the human spirit…

Here’s the final “Climb Every Mountain” scene from the movie

All background music used this episode are covers from the Sound of Music OST (composed by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein).