26: Aladdin’s theology for those feeling trapped

Aladdin Christian

Blurb of episode

Aladdin is a tale about being set free! Are you feeling stuck in some circumstance? Learn how the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Love set each of the main characters free…

Excerpt of episode

The main theme of Aladdin is about ‘being set free’! Think about it – all three of the main characters start off feeling trapped … Princess Jasmine is trapped as a prisoner inside her own palace walls, Aladdin is trapped as a common thief in the slums, and the Genie is trapped inside a lamp which is trapped inside the cave of wonders! Yet by the end of the movie, they’re all set free from their respective prisons! And as I was reflecting on what exactly sets them free, I had a cool aha moment when I realised that between the three of them, they exercised all of the three theological virtues of faith, hope and love. For Jasmine, it was faith, for Genie, hope and for Aladdin love….

Link to the Magic Carpet “A Whole New World”


Music used in the episode

All tracks used in this episode are covers from the OST of Disney’s Aladdin (composed by Alan Menken). Covers by Layers, DisneyMusicVevo, Christine Dulligen, Gavle Symphony Orchestra