About this podcast

What is The Myth Pilgrim?

The Myth Pilgrim is a Catholic podcast which explores how popular myths and fairytales can nourish the spiritual journey. The ultimate vision of The Myth Pilgrim is personal conversion and a deeper love for Christ, his Word and his church. Here’s what you can expect as a listener:

  • A new episode to be released fortnightly on a Wednesday, except on occasion where I squeeze in a special release episode in between! Episodes will generally be story-based (e.g. Beauty and the Beast, or The Lord of the Rings), whereas the special release episodes more theme based (e.g. Dragons as a symbol of anger).
  • 15-20 minute episodes of quality content that has been researched and prayer through, with sound theology in line with Catholic teaching
  • A ‘practical pilgrim’ exercise at the end of each episode in order to ground the episode’s content in real life
  • Openness to your ideas, thoughts, feedback and suggestions. I will endeavour to reply your thoughts within three working days, unless I myself am away on silent retreat.
  • While the episodes assume a basic Catholic-Christian spiritual knowledge, I also envision The Myth Pilgrim to be accessible to just about anyone who is open to either faith or fairytales!

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Origins of the Myth Pilgrim

When people ask me where the idea of The Myth Pilgrim podcast came from, I’d honestly say it has been about 15 years in the making! Not that I ever thought about podcasting until 2020; rather, I’ve been reflecting on these themes for a long, long time. Even as a child, I’ve had the grace to draw spiritual nourishment from my favourite fairytales and myths, having many significant ‘conversion moments’ through them. Possessing an active imagination also means I readily grasp the power of imagery to understand my inner world. As a practising Catholic-Christian today, I am thoroughly convinced that if any story has timeless, cross cultural appeal (not just popular appeal), the story also has a deep Christian undercurrent. If the Lord himself used stories to explain and express the faith, there must be something in it! It is exciting to think of what treasures The Myth Pilgrim will explore into the future!

The idea to actually start the podcast came about through a friend’s persistent encouragement, and my own praying how best to use my extra time during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020. I felt the Lord nudge me saying “if you’re ever going to get this thing up and running… now’s the time!” I had always wanted to write a book on the themes covered in The Myth Pilgrim, but I suppose the Holy Spirit is more creative than even my own desires. And so The Myth Pilgrim podcast was born!