31 Frozen: Elsa’s Journey & the Journey of Vocation

Frozen Christian vocation

Blurb for this episode

How does my vocation journey lead to my sainthood? Relive the two Frozen films as Queen Elsa unravels the mystery of who she is, and how she is being called. Baptise your favourite songs ‘Let it Go’, ‘Into the Unknown’ and ‘Show Yourself’ through God’s call in your own life!

Excerpt from this episode

“…She then slams the palace door shut. Now, at this point, I must apologize if I’m about to break a few hearts a little … because I’m going to suggest that while the song ‘Let it Go’ has some positive elements to it, it is actually quite a sad song. This is because it actually traps Queen Elsa in an unhealthy relationship with her gifts … and locks her into an inverted understanding of her vocation. But before you all write in and complain I’ve trashed your childhood let’s first look at those positive dimensions of the song first. If Elsa’s magical abilities could be likened to the unique gifts and talents God gives us, then it should be celebrated when she finally has an avenue to use them. For it would be tragic if fear prevented us from using our spiritual gifts – or charisms – that God has given us…”

From the episode

Show Yourself song from Frozen II: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrZxwPwmgrw

Soundtracks used in this episode:

Show Yourself (Composed by and Kristen and Robert Lopez From Frozen OST)
All is Found – cover by 캣올린CatOlin (From Frozen II OST)
Do you want to build a snowman – cover by Disney Peaceful Piano (From Frozen OST)
Let it Go (slow version) – cover by Stellatsu (From Frozen OST)
Into the Unknown – cover by Sam Yung (From Frozen II OST)
Show Yourself – cover by Sam Yung (From Frozen II OST)