18 How Jedi Masters teach us Detachment

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Blurb of “How Jedi Masters teach us Detachment”

Feeling distracted and unfocused? Lent is a season to rediscover Christian asceticism! Let the wisdom of Jedi masters help you renounce unhealthy attachments towards (i) created things (ii) success and failure (iii) and the future!

Excerpt from episode

“…For if ever a pop culture figure rises to cult status, very often it is because they are deeply resonating with an absence in our culture. What voids might the iconic Jedi knights be filling for our culture? Today, we’ll start with the idea that Jedi stir within us a desire for what Christians called the ascetic life, one that is simple, focused and detached from the many distractions of the world. For by golly, we know how attached and distracted we really are…”