11 Temptation: What Anakin could’ve learnt from St Ignatius

Anakin St Ignatius Myth Pilgrim

Blurb for this “Anakin and St Ignatius” episode

During times of temptation and desolation, St Ignatius of Loyola’s ‘Discernment of Spirits’ offers us some timeless principles. How well do you know them? Explore the sly techniques The Emperor uses to seduce Anakin to the Dark Side, and learn to recognise – and defend against – the Enemy working in your own life!

Excerpt from this “Anakin and St Ignatius” episode

“But Ignatius’ first rule reminds us, that for the parts of our lives that are already caught up in sin, the Bad Spirit actually feels like our friend. Consider that Anakin was already indulging in pride, resentment and a secret love relationship with Padme, before Palpatine arrives on the scene. But consider how Palpatine presents himself to Anakin. Fatherly, gentle, understanding and one who alone understood in his potential. In fact, if you didn’t know Star Wars story and only watched episodes one and two, you could be mistaken to think that he was a good guy – and even preferable to Obi Wan, who Anakin often experienced as rather antagonistic.”

Resources for the Discernment of Spirits

PDF Summary of St Ignatius’ 14 Rules in the Discernment of Spirits. Click here

Timothy Gallagher’s book and podcasts on “Discernment of Spirits”

Introduction to discerning God’s will – YouTube series: Discernment for Dummies


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